Hours of Business and Fees

Monday - Friday         10:00 am until  6:30 pm

Saturday                    10:00 am until  2:30 pm



I offer a free fifteen minute consultation for new patients who are interested in starting acupuncture treatment

Free Introduction to Acupuncture Workshops

Acupuncture Treatments

Initial visit "Traditional Diagnosis" $190 

This visit will last about 90-120 minutes and will include the taking of a full medical, social and wellness history, physical examination and your first acupuncture needle treatment.

Follow up Treatments $110

These visits will last about 45-60 minutes. Most often you will  receive treatment on a weekly schedule for the first month. As treatment progresses you will be able to extend the time between treatments. Eventually, a treatment received once in each of the five seasons will suffice to help you stay well and balance your energy.

The Acupuncture Package $500

Save on treatment fees by purchasing five follow up treatments in advance.

Guided Meditation and Relaxation $15

Group meditation and relaxation lasting 45 minutes, offered each season to help you move through the seasons with ease and tranquility.