'In the past few monthsI have been coping with headaches, a fractured L2 and recurring anxiety and depression.  I have found the acupuncture treatments of Louise Davis to be amazingly effective in providing me with much needed physical and psychological support.  Louise's care has been crucial for both immediate relief and building long term strength."

LH Silver Spring

"I found Louise very professional and very knowledgeable about 5 Element Acupuncture.  Under her care I found myself feeling more relaxed, as well as more energized.  I felt more balanced, stopped having disturbing dreams and slept better."

CR Great Falls

 "At first we worked on knee stiffness after my knee replacements.  It was simply great to be cared for and have your full attention to my comfort.  The acupuncture sessions definitely made me feel more relaxed.  We continued through diminishing knee and back discomfort and increasing energy to help me get up in the morning.  I learned from you that passion gets me up and my passion is to walk.  I am now pain free and on the trail again."

MM McLean

 'Your elegance came with life's experiences.  Your work shows that this is where you shine, the ease at being with your clients and your ability to translate their story into elegant treatments. I am reminded of Nina, a person who may have forgotten her grace, lost her elegance along the way.  Know that you have given it back to her."

TS Cinical Supervisor, Silver Spring

 "I have witnessed your patients laugh, be angry and be afraid. I have witnessed them be emotionally vulnerable and present for their healing. You have created this possibility for them."

KP Clinical Supervisor, Silver Spring